Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Welcome! / The Trews

Welcome to my Music of Note blog! The purpose of my blog is to profile up and coming bands and musicians of different genres who I believe have a unique sound and are worth a listen. In the coming months, I will be covering one or more different artists each week.

Gone are the days when a new artist was 'discovered' by the primary channel available to them -- the recording industry. This process however, was turned on its head with the advent of the Internet and advances in technology. Although the consumer today is more pivotal in advocating new talent, this basic approach presents a dilemma for both the artist and the general public. How will an artist stand head and shoulders above all the others, and how will the consumer distinguish the high quality talent from the vast quantity of mixed?
I hope to contribute to this separation process with this blog, and by doing so, hopefully assist some talented artists in becoming more widely recognized.

My first profile is of The Trews, a rock band that possesses mind-blowing harmonies, stirring vocals, and powerful guitar prowess whether it be their hard driving rock songs, or their electrifying acoustic sets. I consider them Canada’s rock music gem that unfortunately flies under the radar in the United States. Originally from Antigonish, Nova Scotia, this Toronto based rock band is made up of Colin MacDonald - Vocals, guitars, and keyboards; John-Angus MacDonald - Guitars and vocals; Jack Syperek - Bass and vocals; and Sean Dalton - Drummer and vocals.

In 2006, The Trews debuted on the American music scene with their 2005 release and second studio album, “Den of Thieves”. Before then, they had racked up several Canadian top ten hits, several Juno Music Award nominations, and developed a reputation among their Canadian fans for being an incredible live band.

Formed in high school, the band started their career in 1998 as One I’d Trouser and then Trouser, before choosing a fan’s suggestion, The Trews. In 2002, they won a rock station contest which landed them a recording contract with Sony BMG Canada. The release of their first album, “House of Ill Fame” followed in 2003. The certified gold album produced several hit singles, including the number one hit and most played song on Canadian rock radio in 2004, “Not Ready To Go”. The Trews were nominated for Group of the Year at the 2004 Juno Awards and “Not Ready To Go” was nominated for Song of the Year at the 2005 Juno Awards.

Their 2008 album, “No Time for Later” really demonstrates their tremendous growth as songwriters and musicians. It’s an illustration of a band that has come into its own. It was released in the United States in 2009, and netted them another two Juno Award nominations in for Group of the Year and Album of the Year. The notable singles off of the album run the gamut of styles. Hard rocking guitars and an in your face lead vocal drives “Hold Me In Your Arms”, which won the 2009 Independent Music Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Song; "Man of Two Minds" is a haunting southern rock ballad of indecision; "Paranoid Freak" is an anthem for those of us who are; and "I Can’t Stop Laughing" is a clever song about heart-break.

I do believe though, that the best showcase of The Trews’ talent is their new live album, “Trews Acoustic - Friends And Total Strangers” released in October 2009. As they showcase their hits, previously unreleased rarities, and new songs, they prove they have the innate ability to shift direction without losing their identity. The live recording was done in January 2009 over two nights at Toronto’s Glen Gould Theatre, known for their first-rate recording studio.

I hope that my profile has encouraged you to explore The Trews music and inspires you to spread the word, giving them the promotion they deserve.

Check out The Trews official website: www.thetrewsmusic.com. Their music is available through their website and on iTunes.

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